We offer a range of services to help you make the most out of your garden. Whether you are looking for a complete design service, or just a partial overhaul of your existing space – we can help. With our garden and planting designs we aim to create naturalistic, beautiful and useable spaces that work for both you and the local wildlife.

We see every garden as an opportunity to create a stunning and unique space, tailored to your requirements and budget. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with the client to ensure that the end result is both a functional space complemented by planting that will evolve and improve with maturity.


First and foremost we are plant people. We believe that any design should always be led by the planting.

Our approach is to design plantings that are naturalistic, that work together and grow well together, and that benefit the local wildlife and ecology.

Our inspiration comes from nature and we use our skills to curate the best features and plant combinations, to ensure that you have a hardworking design that offers plenty of interest year round.



This service is for the client who wants a complete design overhaul. We will visit the garden and take on board the client’s style and likes and dislikes. A design will then be created which will fit the client’s brief. We will then undertake the build stage of the garden. This process will be managed by Pearspring Botanical, but may require the use of subcontractors for certain aspects of the build.


If you have a garden that has seen better days, but you don’t have the budget or the heart to clear it and start from scratch – our overhaul service could be the answer. We will visit the garden and survey what plants and features are already present. Using our skills and experience we can suggest ways to renovate, shape or even move mature plants within the garden. Simply pruning a large shrub and opening it up and lifting the crown, can totally transform an area. We can then suggest areas that could be improved with new planting or features. Working with existing plants and shrubs, and adding to them, helps a garden retain a sense of maturity and place that is very hard to replicate.


If you are simply looking for a current border to be reworked, added too or replanted from scratch – we can provide you with a planting design to give it a new lease of life. Using our horticultural knowledge to suggest the right plants for the right aspect and conditions, we can make sure that the new planting looks good together, and – with the right care and attention – thrives. We can either provide you with a planting plan for a fee, or we can provide you with a plan and plant up the new design.


This service covers everything from planting a selection of bulbs within an existing border, to designing a seasonal planting arrangement and sourcing the containers for a residential or commercial client. We can provide planting schemes for window boxes, indoor/outdoor arrangements for events and seasonal container displays for decking/patios. Please contact us for more information.


We begin by visiting you on-site for an initial free consultation. During this first meeting we will work out what you want from your garden, and the style of design you are looking for.

PearspringIf you are happy to move forward after this meeting, the information is then compiled into a written brief and the site measured.

We then produce a concept design for you to look over and suggest any changes – before providing you with a finished plan of the garden and list of plants.

Once the client is happy with the design – we will then provide a detailed quote of the works, plants and materials. At this stage we shall also detail the costs of any subcontractors that may be required during the build. When all parties are happy, we shall fix a date and begin the build stage of the garden.

Once a date is agreed and the terms and conditions signed, we will require payment of the plants and materials proportion of the total project cost upfront. This acts as a deposit for the project. The rest of the project cost will be due upon practical completion.